Phantom of the Opera

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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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The Phantom of the Opera Book vs Movie
In the Book| In the Movie|
   A character known as the Persian, who knows the Phantom from his youth, accompanies Raoul into the Phantom's lair to confront him.| No such character exists.|    The Phantom is really a man named Erik who comes from the middle east and had a chaotic youth, being born with a hideously ugly face, being part of a show for a tribe of gypsies, designing palaces filled with torture devices for royals in Iran and Constantinople before finally settling down in Paris.| The Phantom, who was born with a disfigured face, escaped from a life as a freakshow exhibit and went to live in the tunnels beneath the Opera House. |    The Phantom worked as an ordinary contractor for some time before settling down in Paris, and had input in the construction of the Opera House.| The Phantom never worked as a contractor and had no such input.|    Raoul never comes face to face with or directly confronts the Phantom.| Raoul fights the Phantom on two different occasions. |    Raoul and the Persian are caught in a room of mirrors where they are subject to a torture consisting of a constantly rising temperature, and remain there until the Persian finds the escape spring mechanism.| Raoul falls into a rapidly flooding room where a barred ceiling descends unto him until he finds an activates a valve which reverses the mechanism.|    Joseph Buquet is found dead at the beginning, hung in one of the Opera's upper basements.| Joseph Buquet is hung on stage, falling with the noose around his neck after a confrontation with the Phantom on the catwalks above. |    The Phantom plans to blow up the Opera House should Christine refuse to stay with him, via a multitude of gunpowder barrels to be detonated by a mechanism determined by Christine's response.| The Phantom threatens to kill Raoul if Christine refuses. He is shown to have no greater plans for the Opera Houses's destruction past the chandelier's fall...
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