Phacoemulsification Case Report

Topics: Eye, Ophthalmology, Lens Pages: 4 (635 words) Published: December 2, 2012

Clinical Case Information

This report is to be used for one or two cases per week as assigned by the instructor. These forms are filled out following the procedure using textbooks, Medcom, information from patient chart, doctor preference information sheets, and recalled activities. This is a report that concerns itself with the case as performed. It requires information according to the expectations of The Core Curriculum for Surgical Technology and asks for a report in the general style of a surgeon’s postoperative report.

1st Scrub_X___2nd Scrub _____Asst. Circulate_____Observe__ __

Procedure__Cataract Extraction with IOL implant _

Surgeon___ Curly Howard_________________

First Assistant__ Moe Howard______________

Staff CST__ Larry Fine____________________

Circulator_ Larry Fine_____________________



Instructor’s Feedback:

1. Discuss the relevant anatomy.
* The lens, a strong, elastic capsule filled with viscous material, is biconvex and avascular. It is suspended behind the iris by ligaments called zonules. The zonules also attach to the ciliary body. Contraction and relaxation of the ciliary body is transmitted to the lens through the zonules, thereby adjusting lens focus. The lens helps to focus light rays on the retina. When the lens becomes sufficiently opaque, it is removed.| Top of Form

Bottom of Form
2. a. Preoperative Diagnosis:
b. Postoperative Diagnosis:
3. List any preoperative diagnostic procedures/tests.
Eye Exam
4. Discuss any special preoperative preparation procedures. N/A
5. Identify the names and uses of special instruments, supplies and drugs. * Cataract Set – contains all instruments needed for the case 6. Identify the names and uses of special equipment.
* Phaco machine
7. a. Describe the anatomical boundaries of the prep area on the patient. * Prep close to the eye with cotton...
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