Ph Lab

Topics: PH indicator, PH, Acid Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to take a variety of solutions and test their pH. Due to materials available pH strips were the only testing tools available. A table is setup to compare the strip color to its pH level. Four known solutions including bleach, lemon juice, soda, and baking soda were used. There was also an unknown solution in which the pH level was used to determine which solution it was. The pH scale is 1-14, a pH of 7 is neutral, less than 7 is acidic, and greater than 7 is acidic. Materials:

* pH strips
* 20 test tubes
* Disposable transfer pipettes
* Indicators
* Methyl Orange
* Bromocresol green
* Bromocresol purple
* Phenol red
* Solutions included
* Bleach
* Lemon juice
* Lemon-lime soda
* Baking soda solution
* One unknown

Procedure: The experiment started off with 20 test tubes. Four were filled up with 5mL of each solution. At this point it is advised to dip the pH paper into the solution to get the pH level for 30 seconds. This will be compared to the chart on the container in which the strips came in. Then place one drop of each indicator into each separate tube. For example, 5mL of bleach into four separate test tubes. Then follow up by putting methyl orange in one, bromocresol green in the next, etc. The color of the tube is to be compared with the color chart to determine pH. Once this is complete take a new pH test strip and place it in each solution with an indicator for 30 seconds and determine the pH by comparing it with the chart on the strips container. Results: Bleach was 5-6 by itself. With green it was a 9-10, with red it was a 1-3, with orange it was a 6-7, with purple it was a 12-14. Lemon juice was a 3-4 by itself. With orange it was a 2-3, with green, purple, and red it was a 5-7. Soda was a 3 by itself. With orange it was a 2-3, with green it was a 6-7, with purple and red it was a 7-8. Baking soda was a 9-10 by...
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