Pgsm Culture and Consumer Behavior

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Assignment 1 (25%)

Explore the influence of culture on consumer behaviour and how marketers can use such knowledge to shape and modify their marketing strategies. Use examples to elaborate.

Answer to assignment 1.


The Influence of culture on consumers have become a very strong driving force that marketers must understand and take action to shape their marketing strategies. It has become a very urgent matter to marketers because consumers young and old are able to search for information quickly and easily in this fast paced world. Information have traditionally come from word of mouth recommendations by their co-workers, peers, and family members. Information would also come from advertising through traditional marketing media such as the radio, television and newspapers. However a growing number of the population have embraced the “world wide web” or the “Internet” as an information sourcing tool.

The influence of the computer game culture

Nintendo is one of the famous names in television gaming consoles to successfully introduce consumers to the television gaming concept in the early 1980‘s and 1990‘s. Nintendo pioneered the use of buttoned game controllers to assist game players to move and control games. The games graphics were very basic and featured simple colours and shapes. Some of the best selling games during that era was “Donkey Kong” , “Legend of Zelda” , “Space Invaders” and “Pac Man”.

This concept was already available in arcade machines, however these machines were very big and cumbersome and were not very portable, they also do cost a lot of money. The new concept of having an arcade machine in your home through the use of the television was very ingenious.

Television console games advanced to the next stage with better graphics and images with the introduction of the Sony’s “Playstation” which was later renamed as PS One”. This console featured the use of the Compact Disc which can last longer and is less likely to breakdown. This CD ROM also had a bigger capacity to hold much more data. The consumers from this group of gamers began to appreciate gaming as a hobby so well that there was a focus group which highlighted the dangers of computer games addiction. This created a social stigma that classified gaming as a dangerous activity. However, later it was found that most of these children and some adults were not getting enough exercise due to this gaming culture. Parents were then advised to monitor their children’s gaming activities by encouraging them to take breaks and rest for every 2 hours of game exposure. Marketers of computer games was also asked to provide information about the dangers of seizures and epileptic shocks, that may occur in certain individuals especially children when exposed to computer gaming. This warning is printed on their software packaging. This is one way of how marketers are modifying their marketing strategy.

Example of how Microsoft Corp uses the influence of culture to shape their marketing strategies

Microsoft Corp have been very successful in marketing Microsoft “Windows” to consumers to be used on their home and office personal computers since 1995 till present. “Windows” is the most recognized operating system software on home computers and office computers throughout the world. Other competitors, such as Apple Computer’s “Macintosh OSX” operating system and Canonical’s “Ubuntu” operating system do offer alternatives to consumers but consumers still prefer “Windows”. This is because of the widespread adoption of the software by schools, local government offices and business organizations.

Another part of the reason why “Windows“is so successful is because, “Windows“ have built up a reputation as a very good computer games platform. Other competitors such as Apple Computer and Canonical have failed...
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