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REF: PESI//114A/2011-12 16TH July 2011


Kind Attn: Mr. Stalin.


Sub: Quote for Waterproofing Works for
Ref: / / Waterproofing / ENQ 02 / 11.12

With reference to the discussion and the subsequent site inspection the undersigned had, we hereby furnish our least competitive offer for the subject work along with the specification and terms and conditions.


• The surface shall be prepared thoroughly by chipping all loose material/mortar, cleaned with wire brush and coir brush in order to remove all loose & deleterious matter, dust etc. • 25 mm V Grooves shall be cut along concrete junction / construction joint, wall – slab joint and filled with 1:3 Cement mortar admixed with polymer modified mortar CERA LATEX SBR @ 300 ml per bag of cement. • 12 mm Dia G.I. Nipples shall be fixed at weak locations and pressure grouting using cement slurry admixed with CERA EXPAN 250 @ dosage of 225 gms / bag of cement. • The surface shall be made damp by water spray

• Crystalline flexible waterproofing system CERA CRYSTALLINE CRETE shall be mixed with water @ 300 to 400 ml per 1 kg and shall be applied in two coats @ dosage of 1.0kg/m2 (for two coats) over the RCC surface . • The coating shall be cured for 2 days @ three times per day • 20 mm thick plastering shall be done with 1:4 CM admixed with integral waterproofing liquid CERA PROOF IWP (L) a dosage of 200 ml per bag of cement and cured for 7 days ()


Our charges for waterproofing as per above specification: Rs.260.00/Sq.M


VAT @14% on 70% of the total value of the job shall be paid, extra. Service tax @ 4.12 % of total value shall be payable extra


• Any loose mortar, rubbish, deleterious materials, water, slush etc shall be removed by...
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