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  • Published : August 28, 2010
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R.K PG House
House Number N4 Master Mehnga Singh Colony Opposite Nanaksar Gurdwara, Birring, Jalandhar Cantt Cell Number: 98152 77687, 98781 41332 Name| |

Father’s Name| |
Date of Birth| |
Residence Address| |
Contact Number| |
Emergency Number| |
Year of semester| |
Date of Joining| |
Date of leaving| |
Security deposit| |
| |

Rules and Regulation
* Security deposit will be returned when leaving. All item are required to be returned in good condition (including keys, mattress, bed, chairs, tables, pillow etc) * One month notification will be required before leaving the PG else security deposit will not be returned * In case of any damages or lost items the fine will be deducted from the security deposit * Rent and food payments will be done in advance and the payments will be collected on every first day of the month. In case of late payment a Rs 50 fine will be added per day. * The rents of the PG will be paid for the month irrespective of the days of accommodation. * No drugs, alcohol or smoking will be tolerated in the building. * No late gate after 11PM

* No loud music allowed
* No girlfriend allowed in PG
* Good behaviour will local residence is required.
* All lights and fans must be turned off before leaving from the room. * Friends are allowed to stay overnight but a charge of Rs 80 will be required per night. * Parents will not be charged to stay overnight but food cost will be charged. * No horns allowed in front of PG

* Photocopies of residence and university ID card will be required along with 2 passport size photographs.

Date Signature
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