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Initial Teaching Assignment
The responsibility that I would take in teaching Nutrition and health as a part of the lifelong learning is to haqve student fill out a induction form to identify there needs be able to, identify aims, objectives, planning, delivering the course, assessment and evaluation for the leaner’s needs when designing a lesson. It’s called the cycle as you can start at any point, but you must follow through all the other points for teaching and learning to be effective.” Ann Gravells (2008: 27) Appropriate resources and scheme of works will be be completed at this time I also have to assess my learners and check if the lessons have been successful. This would be done by making sure all are addressed * Have empathy for students and also have a professional approach * Do not discriminate against students and work colleagues. * Always showing respect, so this role will be reversed.

* Attend regular courses to help identify and asses’ student’s behaviour and learning patterns, this will be emotional intellectual and physical. * Communicate with all students, in appropriate language to stimulate discussion. To encourage progressive reflection to allow personal growth and development. In order to Identify the learners needs as a teacher I would include a variety of different learning styles which could be balanced into the majority of the lessons. while ensuring that the learning outcomes, aims and objectives for the course are covered in an appropriate way e.g. length of time allocated to each outcome. This would include; Auditory learners, learn best by hearing information. This would then be presented in a lecture- style forum, presenting the information by talking. By making sure voice tone is motivating to help maintain interest and attention. Visual learners that learn best by seeing information .This would then be presented using handouts or the white board in a format such as picture, chart, colour or a diagram form Kinaesthetic learners tend to be active and need to move around to understand. The bodily movement helps stimulate their brains and allows them to focus and concentrate. As a teacher I would be responsible for expanding opportunities for more active, interactive and relevant activities. This could include making health drinks, dissecting and feeling different foods. Writing notes or role play may also be added in this learning style. Having planned the lesson I would then need to deliver them in a way that will interest the learners. I would split the sessions incorporating, discussions, theory, practical and group work. Also relating the lesson to something the learners are already familiar with in there own lives to make it more interesting. To know if the students have identified and absorbed with the lesson and are engaging in the session, at the beginning of a lesson there would be a recap of the previous lesson taught and all objectives stated clearly aswell. At the end of each session quizzes and tutorials would be included to gain further understanding in uncertain areas. This will be helpful for me as a teacher and help plan the areas of the next lesson (recap). Also this would identify any additional needs of the student learners who are in need of extra help or support. As Learners may be at different academic or skill levels and take longer or shorter times to process. The quizzes and tutorials will help the learners to know what they have done and how they can improve and progress. This will also be followed up by asking for feedback at the end of the class to eliminate any confusion Identifying the needs of the individual learner will encourage them reach their goals.

As a Nutritionist and public health tutor I need to be aware of the following legislations. One of the most important is the health and safety at work act, this stresses that health and safety is everybody’s responsibility. From the clothes they are wearing to the equipment...
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