Pets Should Be Treated Like Family

Topics: Dog, Pet, Human Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Yannick Sanchez

Pets should be treated like family members

I agree with the statement that pats should be treated like family members because they live with us, in our home and we have to take care of them. For example a dog is in more than one way similar to a little child who can not do anything by himself. We have to provide them food, home and if needed medical support. It is trus that a dog would never be as much important as a child would but we can not neglect them either.

Another example to show how important can a pet be is the relation he coult have with the children. I personally had a dog when I was a child and he was always by my side, taking care of me. He was a friend and a part of my family. That is why I think they could be important for the children and behave like a protector. They also have a sort a sixth sense that can feel when a person is worried and provide you support just like a human being would.

An additional fact that make me think the pets are just like family members is the dogs for blind people. These dogs are one of the most important thing he their life because they are the key for their social life. Once again these pets are as much important as the family who can not be 24/7 to help them.

We can also take the example of an old couple who is retired. They now live alone and a plenty of time to spend. Having a pet can occupy them and can also protect them. In that way they are like a new member of the family who need to be taken care of.

In conclusion I think that pets and particularly dogs should be treated just like a family member for all that they give us and support they could be for certain people.
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