Pets: Sense and Animal Specially Cats

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  • Published : August 16, 2011
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Too much attention is paid to and too much money is spent on keeping pets, while people throughout the world are starving. * Discuss the argument for and against keeping pets.
* To what extent do you agree?

Although Many people consider their pets as member of family and treat them with love and respect, traditional religious people cant stand keeping pets. Nowadays people in many parts of the world specially In western countries are interested in keeping an animal specially cats and dogs with themselves. Some people believe that keeping pets have various disadvantages and but on the other hand, others argues that they are useful in many ways and should be kept in certain circumstances. I am inclined with the later group for many reasons. One of the important reason is that pets play a major role in disabled people's lives. For example blind persons who need some support in their lives, a pet can be useful by accompanied them in go shopping, banking and other chores. the next reason is that in many situations where human senses (specially olfactory sense) aren’t able to diagnose problems such as drug trafficking, finding the victims of catastrophes like earthquake and flood dogs can be a better choice. Furthermore pets can substitute people and become one of their dearest and nearest companions. For instance if a person live alone, he will find having a pet very enjoyable. It is not only entertaining but also helpful. Moreover presence of an animal provide greater feeling of security especially when this pet is dog. On the other hands, others people claim that keeping pets have many disadvantages. First of all some pets are dirty and carry different viruses which is why many people catch diseases. Also they are harmful specially for children, toddlers; sometimes it led to miscarriage in pregnant women. The second reason is that there are extra costs which pet owners should be gotten involved in them such as food, equipments (aquariums, cages…),...
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