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The Differences and Similarities of my Two Pets

Yesterday, I was watching my two pets Bully a Labrador retriever and Pepperoni a mix breed dog playing on the backyard and rolling on the grass, I was paying attention in their movements and vigor. But in that moment, I was wondering about how my two little pets that although dogs have many differences. Even though, the dogs are one of the most common and pleasant companies for the comparisonc12 between Bully and Pepperoni an their remarkable differences.

At first glance, my two pets are different in their breed. For example, Bully is a purebred animal and Pepperoni is mix breed of two different species. Bully, it is a Labrador retriever a type of specie originally from Canada; my pet has an appearance common in this kind of breed: yellow and dense fur, large body, dark eyes, long ears and large nose. At difference, Pepperoni is a mix breed dog; possibly, it is a mix between a Border collie and a German shepherd. Pepperoni has a short size, with white and brown fur color and black ears. In contrast, Bully has clear fur and a large figure than Pepperoni that has three colors of fur and it has a short figure.

Other differences between Bully and Pepperoni are the personalities. This is one of the most noticeable aspects of their differences, because one is more playful and the other one is more austere. Bully is the older but is more sportive than Pepperoni, because Pepperoni was abandoned close to my house and we adopted her, because we thought that pepperoni deserved a family. Also, they Peperoni know how to defend her and bully only knows how to have fun. The unique thing that both dogs have in common: they are very loyal, play rude between them and roll on the grass. Those dogs complement each other. One of the most remarkable differences between my pets is their capabilities and how they use those abilities. Bully has many abilities is very smart, it has a huge strength, run fast, knows how to...
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