Petrol Pump Management System in C++

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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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• Introduction

1. Features of petrol management software

2. Recommended System Requirements

• Modules

• Source Code



• Refrences


With the change in looks of the petrol pumps world over and the concept of convenience being built in at the petrol retail outlets the petrol pump companies are rapidly going for Automation to manage their business with ease. Indian petrol pump retail outlets are going through sea change and required petrol pump management software which can help them to automate their business processes and increase efficiency and revenue through automation.

January 21, 2005 -- Quicksoft Services developed petrol pump software for indian petrolpump companies with global perspective to integrate business processes at petrol pump, remove duplication of work, increase efficiency and provide online, instant actionable reports & MIS for timely decision making.

ArtRM-PP has been designed for the demanding needs of todays petrol pumps with convenience stores and service station, accepting money in the form of credit cards and petro-cards and to would like to analyse and track of new fuel products not otherwise possible in existing software in the market. The ArtRM-PP comes built-in with migration tool to import their existing data in legacy system.

Quicksoft ArtRM-PP, is an out-of-the-box system that not only makes it. Easy to manage business processes of petrol-pump but also takes care of Accounting & Inventory management with movement of goods in multiple Warehouses, making it a natural choice for the petrol pump.

Features of Petrol Pump Management software:

1.The given software provides Accounting and Inventory to give up-to-date information and crucial actionable data on dues and stocks for follow-up, cost cutting and timely...
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