Petergoldsworthy Maestro Belonging Essay

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  • Published : March 16, 2012
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Peter Goldsworthy conveys distinctively visual images in his Text ‘Maestro’ in various ways, one including use of settings instead of chapters. Goldsworthy has replaced the normal chaptering of a book with settings such as Darwin. Goldsworthy has done this to create a vivid image in the readers mind about where the story is taking place and what it is like to be there.

Goldsworthy conveys distinctively visual images in the readers mind by use of descriptive language. With use of the quote describing, ‘The Swan’, a bar in the novel, Goldsworthy says ,” a warren of crumbly weatherboard overgrown bougainvillea. Was packed, the drinkers and their noise spilling out of the front bar into the garden.” Goldsworthy’s extensive use of descriptive language here creates a vivid image in the readers mind.

In the picture book ‘Mezeloth’ By Ben Haggarty, Haggarty shows extremely well the protagonist Poikas experience through learning with use of a series of pictures showing Pokia grow up and become a mature adult and also an experienced hunter. One of the main scenes which show Poikas struggle to belong is when he is meant to stay with the women when his tribe goes hunting, but he doesn’t listen and ends up getting attacked by a beast and almost dying. He soon learns from his mistakes and learns not to be so naiive. Haggarty uses an image of a buffalo with several spears through its body and blood covering its head. This image is extremely distinctive and juxtaposes the buffalos will to belong with Poikas will to belong. Haggarty conveys an image of Poika killing a monster immaculately with use of colour scheme and detail. The entire image is almost all purple which creates a sense of darkness/sadness, which is juxtaposed with Poika in the middle of the page with daggers in hands with a face filled with victory which is a great contrast.