Peter the Great

Topics: Russia, Russian Empire, Military Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Peter the Great, the Tsar of Russia from 1682-1725 was a hero for the Russian people. He fought to make the country bigger and improve trade, made huge changes in the social and economic structures of Russia, and expanded the Russian military strength into a much larger power. Peter the Great spent two years trying to capture territory near Turkey called Azov. He did this for two different reasons. The first was to strengthen alliances in Europe against Turkey because of religious tensions. The second was to approach the Black Sea, which was a key location for Peter to anchor Russia’s military power, and his new foreign policies. After the second try, he captured Azov. He also spent many months in Western Europe learning from each of the countries about their cultures and technologies. Through taking Azov, Peter started a project to expand Russia’s power into Europe, because up until then the country had been cut off from most of the European culture. By doing this, Peter the Great improved life for the Russian people by adding protection and international connections, and improved the way the people worked, making the industries better. When Peter the Great took power, he completely changed the social structure to clean up the broken government. He gave power to each city and an elected official was responsible for control of each one. These cities answered to the districts, who answered to one of the 50 provinces that he created. In the end, every level of government was responsible to him. This change let the small businesses that had already been set up in each of the towns to do better, and this change made the economy better in each city because it meant that any person could go to any town and register to do business there. This made it possible for any person in Russia to legally trade goods. Peter the Great instituted a lot of new education policies, like bringing European books to Russia so they could be translated, and creating a newspaper. He also...
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