Peter, the Apostle

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His life and times

Setting: Intercessory Prayer Team Bible Study
Length of Delivery: 40 minutes each lesson

Name: Ms. Awilda L. Jones
ID: L24611781
Course: NBST 521
Professor: Dr. David Mappes
Date: 12/8/11

Lesson 1: Peter: His life and background

This lesson will take a look into the background of Simon Peter and his initial call to discipleship. Simon Peter is one of the most well known disciples. Although the bible is largely silent in regards to his full background, it has been noted that he was considered a part of Jesus’ inner circle. I. Background:

A. Born in the city of Bethsaida, resident of Capernium. B. Son of Jon, of Jewish descent. Brother to Andrew, who was also a disciple of Jesus Christ. Husband as well, wife’s name not mentioned. C. Accustomed to Hellenestic culture. Educated by Jewish culture(reading, writing, and memorizing the Torah. ) D. Name: originally named Simon Peter. Was later named Peter by Jesus Christ(Matt 16:18) E. Fisherman by trade. Called by Jesus to become fishers of men(Matt 4:19) IIDiscipleship

F. Was often seen as the central figure among the twelve. G. Often noted as one of the first disciples to be called of Jesus Christ as he began his ministry from the shore of Galilee. H. Mother-in-law was healed by Jesus who then became a faithful follower of Jesus Christ as well. (Matt 8:14) I. Peter was the first disciple to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah, “You are the Christ, Son of the living God”. (Matt 16:16) J. Rebuked by Jesus(Matt 16:22-23) for having his mind set on carnal priorities and not acknowledging His divine mission.

II. Life during Jesus Ministry
III. A.Peter shows great faith by stepping out onto the water in the midst of a storm to meet Jesus(Matt 14:22-23) IV. -Demonstrates unprecedented faith among the disciples. V. -only begins to sink when he is distracted and takes his eye off of Jesus. -becomes known as a man of faith and action.

B. One of the few disciples to witness Jesus on the mountain transfigured and revealed in all His splendor (Matt 17:1-9) C.Inquires of Jesus the number of times that forgiveness should be given. (Matt 18:21-22) a. -Jesus responds by telling the parable of the unforgiving servant. (Matt 18:23-35) D.Peter declares his unfailing loyalty to Jesus upon hearing of His betrayal and ultimate death. (Matt 26:33) -Jesus declares to Peter that he will have denied him three times before the cock crows (Matt 26:34) -Peter is one of the chosen to go into the Garden of Gethsemane with Jesus to pray. -he underestimated his strength and fell asleep while praying (Matt 26:40,43) -Cuts off the ear of the soldier, Malchus, and is once again rebuked by Jesus. (John 18:10)

b. Peter begins his call to discipleship as one of the first disciples to be chosen along with his brother Andrew. Forsaking everything (his wife and family included) he begins a journey with Jesus that will forever change his life and legacy. Although it may seem that he was constantly being rebuked for his efforts, it can also be taken into account his boldness for representing Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. As he began to grow in faith, it became more and more evident in his application to daily life and interactions with others.

Constable PH. D, Thomas L. Notes on 1 Peter (2010 edition). Sonic Light: www.

Lesson II
Peter: Jesus Death and Resurrection
In this lesson we will take a more indepth look into the life of Peter. He has now come to be known as the disciple who pledges his undying loyalty to Jesus. Upon hearing of the death of Jesus, he declares that he will follow Jesus unto death. Jesus in return declares that before the cock crows three times, Peter will have denied Jesus on three separate occasions. IPeter’s Denial of...
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