Peter Singer’s Solution to World Poverty

Topics: Giving, Donation, SAVE Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Peter Singer’s Solution to world poverty
How can we help people in need, and become better human beings? How can it be that we have money for new cars, houses and vacations, but when UNICEF or some other kind of healthcare organization ask us for just 2 dollars, we turn them down right away? In the article “Solution to world poverty” Peter Singer gives some of his suggestions on how to help others, and become better persons.

Singer tells a story about a man named Bob. Bob just bought himself a new car. The car he bought is one of the most expensive cars you can get. A classic Volkswagen Bugatti. He then has to make a choice. He either has to let his car get destroyed and save the life of a child or save the car and let the child get killed. He chose to save the car. The other story comes from a Brazilian film, a woman called Dora, all she has to leave a homeless nine years old boy to a family that will adopt him in order to make a thousand dollars. Dora delivers the boy into his new family, but she is told that the boy was too old for adoption and he would be killed for organs  used in transplantation. To save the boy, Dora decides to take the boy back. In fact Dora would like to save the boy because she has the direct contact with him, but for Bob, he never ever see this kid before, they have no relationship or any contact at all. But what is luxury? Money can be divided into two categories. “Need to have” and “Nice to have”. Food is something you need to have, clothes is something you need to have, but a vacation is just nice to have. “Nice to have “ is just a luxury. I have just used 300 dollars on a new Xbox, but instead of using 300 dollars on this machine, I could have donated the money to the research of cancer. I would not mind giving the 300 dollars to some kind of healthcare organization, but now when I have the Xbox at my home, I say to myself that “it’s too late”, but in reality it’s not. All I have to do is return the Xbox, and give...
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