Peter Pan (2003)

Topics: Peter and Wendy, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan Pages: 4 (1568 words) Published: March 26, 2011
Peter Pan is a fairy tale written by James M. Barrie in 1903. In 2003, Director P. J Hogan adapts the story to a fantasy film. Peter Pan is a film for both children and adults. Children can be attracted by the colorful fantastic images and surprising adventurous exciting story. Adults will notice the story about grown up, love and thoughts in one’s deep heart, such as jealousy and loneliness. This essay will talk about the character, narrative, contrast, conflict and genre of the film Peter Pan (2003).

The heroine of the film is Wendy and the hero is Peter Pan. Wendy is the daughter of the Darling family. She is a good story-teller. Every night she tells fairy story to her two brothers, John and Michael, even the amazing story attracted Peter Pan, a young flying boy lives in Neverland. Wendy is also a believer in love and romance, and sees Peter as a dashing hero. When she first met Peter in her bedroom, she just falls in love with him so that she helps Peter sew the shadow of him and wants to give him her hidden kiss.

Peter is a naive and mischievous boy who refuses to grow up in that he hates the hypocritical of the adults’ world. He can fly only when he has happy thoughts, otherwise he will fall down from the air. Not like Wendy, Peter doesn’t believe in love and even the sound of the word offends him. And tinker Bell is Peter’s petulant fairy. She loves Peter and is jealous of Wendy. It’s for Peter that she tricked the lost boys into shooting Wendy as she approaches the island. It’s also for Peter that she had the medicine with poison left by Hook and then died. Her love is selfish but is also selfishness and great.

Hook is the antagonist of the film. He is a captain with extreme power. He is a man of evil, malice and jealousy. But he is also an old and lonely person who has no dare to admit it and is jealous of Peter’s happiness. His right hand has been swallowed by the crocodile because of Peter so that he always wants to kill Peter for revenge.

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