Petco and Petsmart

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The marketing strategy of Kinh Do’s company focus on 3 main aspects. 1. Buiding iconic brands that endure:
* Kinh Do continued to build on its iconic status during Mid-Autumn and Tet to become a symbol for gift of love and affection. * The Tet campaign with 360 degree communication plan delivering the brand message to consumers via mass media including TV, prints, newspapers, magazines, etc. and culminated in the activation event Garden of Compassion at Nguyen Hue Flower Festival, receiving praises from the media as well as public. * The brand message “See Kinh Do, Feel Tet” reached far and wide to Vietnamese consumers, who responded positively to it. * Other major brands such as AFC (crackers), COSY (sweet biscuits), GOOD CHOICE (wafers), and ALOHA (buns and sandwiches) all took leadership positions in their categories with market shares of 25%, 22%, 33%, and 55% by good marketing strategies. * Enhance Kinh Do’s brand portfolio value by restructuring its architecture. * Essentially consolidating small brands into megabrand franchises that can better attract new consumers and retain their loyalty. * The ultimate goal is to turn Kinh Do into the most ubiquitous household brand in Vietnam. 2. Efficiency improvements:

* Kinh Do focuses on fewer and bigger, more impactful programs/projects, emphasizing quality over quantity and achieving better speed to market from concept to launch. * Product innovation has always been Kinh Do’s life blood, and an important competitive advantage of Kinh Do. * In 2011, Kinh Do brought to fruition more than sixty innovations in new products, product extensions and simplifications, including the successful relaunches of AFC crackers and SOLITE sponge cakes, buns, and wafers. 3. Product innovations:

* Kinh Do aims to build a consumer-focused company.
* Moving away from selling what can to make, to making what the market...
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