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First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. is a major producer of dog food for show dog kennels in the United States. The company has prospered as a supplier for unique dog food called Show Circuit. The dog food was originally developed by a mink rancher as a means to improve the coat of his mink. Show Circuit is a balanced frozen dog food that can improve dogs coat with the ingredients that are free of additives and preservatives. The ingredient is packaged in frozen pack in order to prevent spoilage of the fresh uncooked meat.

The management viewed the retail dog market a growth opportunity for the show circuit. Therefore, it is considering entering into this market in Boston. . In order to make the transition from the kennel market to the retail food dog market, the executives realize that modifications in packaging of show circuit are required and necessary. They decided that Show Circuit should be packaged in 15 ounce plastic tub with 12 tubs per case. The cost of production, freight and packaging of the meal would be $7.87 per case which represents total variable cost. They also discussed that the distribution must be through supermarket because of the need of frozen section.

In order to introduce and promote effectively the sale of Show Circuit Dog Food in Boston market area. The company has hired a consulting firm Marketing Momentum Unlimited in order to come out with promotion program for the Show Circuit dog food. The marketing proposal emphasize on the following criteria and purposes.

1.To introduce and promote effectively the sale of Show Circuit Dog Food in Boston market area. 2.To create public awareness on the brand name of Show Circuit as a high quality dog food with the brand new packaging. 3.To attract dog owners to shop for dog food in the frozen food section of the supermarket.

In order for the company to implement successfully the promotional program, it must take into consideration all factors that could influence its accomplishment.

First the situation is as follow: Show Circuit is basically a new product and is unknown to the general public. It is product that does not contain any additive or preservative and in order to prevent spoilage it must be kept in a refrigerator. Therefore, the company must aggressively promote the product to ensure that potential buyers become aware of the brand name of show circuit and to direct dog owners to shop for frozen food section of the supermarket. In addition, Marketers must understand the environment of the company in order to formulate an effective strategy. By analyzing the industry they can better understand the factors and limitations to corporate profit growth. So, Dog food industry has yet to achieve its full potential market. There are four trends of buyer that can influence the potential market sales:

1.First trend, the dog food industry has benefited from increasing dog ownership. 2.Second trend, pet owner continue to invest their animal companions with human qualities and treat the animal as member of family. 3.Third trend, the growth in premium and super premium dog food. The dog owners tend to purchase higher quality and higher price dog food. 4.Fourth trend, growing emphasis on all natural, no additive and no preservative.

As for the competition, there are about 50 dog food manufacturer and 350 dog food brand in US. Competitors advertising spending and form of advertising will be major consideration in planning for show Circuit introductory marketing strategy. For example, total spending for advertising in the dog food industry is about 2% of sales. In this case, Nestle Purina Pet Care is the leading in US dog food advertiser.

There are five alternative courses of action in First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. creative strategy which is positioning, target market, concept, creative directions, and geographical directions. In positioning, the company wants to position their product as “the finest dog food available at any price and the...
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