Pet Peeves

Topics: Question, Cleanliness, Hygiene Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: March 7, 2013
My pet peeves
Everyone has pet peeves. That means they feel uncomfortable and frustrated with the bad manners which other people are showing. Maybe I'm a fastidious person. I hate some manners of others, but those might be normal for some people. My list of pet peeves are so long. Three things on the top of the list are public spitting, leaving a mess on the bed and asking question during movies. Firstly, public spitting is very rude, unsanitary and impolite. When I took the train in the Sprinter Station last weekend, there was a Mexican guy standing in front of me in the line. He looked like Mexican. He was unconsciously spitting on the ground. He did not even look around him to see if anyone was standing near or not. It almost hit my right shoe, but luckily I pulled my legs up. I was angry and I told him to act like a polite man. I hate people like that. One more thing, I hate the kids who eat and leave a mess on the bed. I have two cousins. They often bring food and drinks onto the bed. They both watch TV and eat food. Moreover, they usually leave a mess where they eat without cleaning up. I am so mad at them because I have to clean up their heap of rubbish over and over. I scolded and even spanked them many times, but nothing changed. Therefore, I have tried to hide all the food and drinks which they like so that they could not find out them. I'm sick of cleaning up their mess. Last but not least, I dislike someone who keeps asking questions while watching the movie. My brother is an example. While we watched a movie, he kept asking me so many questions about the details of the film. He also even asked me something which had not happened in the episode yet. How do I know when he and I were watching the same episode? He made me very frustrated. I had to ask him to wait until the end of the movie and then we could discuss about it later. Indeed, so many things bother us and make us angry.
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