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Topics: Europe, Spain, China Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: October 28, 2012
1. Which of the following is NOT true regarding John Harrison? A) He was from a working class family. B) He solved the Longitude problem and won a prize for it.
C) He made a clock that would help to solve the longitude problem but it was never tested. D) None of the above. 2. Ancient sailors A) used tacking to help stay close to the shore at night. B) avoided sailing near shores because of strong currents.

C) rarely spent a night at sea.
D) probably learned to navigate using the quadrant and compass. 3. The Age of Discovery was spurred on by A) the invention of the printing press. B) the introduction of Ptolmey's geography to Europe.

C) Prince Henry's naval observatory.
D) All of the above. 4. The primary motivation for European explorers was A) material profit. B) population pressure.
C) crusading zeal.
D) Renaissance curiosity. 5. The group of people who benefited the most from large price increases in the sixteenth century was theA) Spanish bureaucracy. B) nobility.
C) urban working class.
D) middle class.6. The Chinese emperor sent Admiral ______________ on seven voyages to the West between 1405 and 1433.A) Mie Lao B) Han Xi
C) Zheng He
D) Li Tao 7. It is believed that the Chinese mastered long distance sailing before other cultures because A) modern Chinese ships are more advanced than those seen in European shipyards. B) the Chinese developed gunpowder and the moveable type press before the Europeans did. C) ancient Chinese ship anchors have been found along the west coast of North America. D) the Chinese developing a way to determine longitude long before the Vikings and John Harrison. 8. Portugal's participation in European expansion was given critical support by PrinceA) Henry. B) Mark.

C) Juan.
D) Philip.9. The Treaty of Tordesillas divided the non-European world betweenA) Portugal and Venice. B) Spain and Portugal.
C) Spain and France.
D) Spain, Portugal, and the Catholic Church.10. The Authorized Version of the Bible...
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