Pet Peeves

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  • Published : December 12, 2006
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My Pet Peeves

Pet peeves can range from immaturity to major character flaws. I seem to have more pet peeves than others. My main three are when my best friend lies to me, when people don't act like themselves, and when people hold back their emotions.

My first pet peeve is my best friend tends to lie all the time. She's beginning to lie so much, until she's beginning to think what she says is true. For Example, she once told me she had no money, so I paid for her meal. Within the next few minutes, I saw a twenty dollar bill sticking out of her purse. Maybe she had something to do with the money. If that was the case, she should have just said so. That would have made the situation a little better.

Secondly, when people don't act like themselves it bothers me. Some people act according to the person they're around. For example, my cousin and I were around some of my friends. My friends tend to hang out all night and party, so she then spoke of how she liked to hang out and party herself. On the other hand, when she is around me, she pretends to stay home all the time and focus on school. She only does that because she knows how focused I am in school. I would say that she is not content with herself.

Finally, when people hold back their emotions it tends to hurt other people in the process. It tends to lead people on in a negative way. For example, I always told my boyfriend I loved him, and he would continue to change the subject or brush me off. He would do that knowing he had no feelings for me, and just using me for what he could get. That would be someone who is very immature. He only wanted what he could get out of our relationship. Which is why were not together today.

I have my three main pet peeves listed from minor to major. All of them are major character flaws except my final pet peeve. When you hold back emotions from someone that's simple immaturity. That's my major peeve, because I have found myself in that situation more than...
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