Pet Friend vs. Human Friend

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  • Published : March 30, 2013
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Thesis statement: Having a close friend or a pet to celebrate the wins and comfort the losses makes life more fulfilling I. Having a pet
A. Dependable
B. Listen
C. Caring
II. Caring for a pet
A. Responsibility
B. Exercising
III. Quote
A. Rita Lambros-Segur an author from Ezine Articles
B. Positive effects
IV. Human friend
A. Reliable
B. Closer support
V. Quote
A. Gregory Baker, an author from Ezine Articles
B. A real friend

Life has several good times and turmoil. Having a close friend or a pet to celebrate the wins and comfort the losses makes life more fulfilling. Their unconditional love and loyalty is an everyday support system. They are something that some people lean on at the conclusion of everyday. Just having that human friend or pet at the end of each day can be very uplifting. A difficult time in life can be eased by them. But which is a better choice of company? Overall a friendship with a human is a better overall superior of companion. However, the answer to this question varies from person to person. A lot of it has to do with circumstance and personality. The companionship of having a pet is like no other. They are very dependable when it comes down to needing someone to listen, not only can animals understand to a certain extent of what humans say, but respond to human emotion. Pets are very empathetic towards their owners. Although a pet cannot give verbal feedback they still provide a kind of caring that is hard to top. Caring for a pet is a good practice of responsibility. Some pets require to be exercised, such as walking a dog or riding a horse. This benefits the pet and the owner; together they both get exercise. It also gives the pet and owner time to bond together. The responsibilities of owning a pet are a great life lesson and character builder for the owner. According to Rita Lambros-Segur, an author from Ezine Articles, “. . . due to the fact...
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