Pet Bottles as Bricks

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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To make the environment free from pollution an attempt was made to construct the water tank using the discarded pet bottles. Since there is construction materials scarcity, we need to go for an alternative construction material. The three basic needs for human life are food, shelter and clothing. But in developing countries like India there is no shelter for poor people. By considering this, the shelter can be constructed at low cost. Making of brick emits carbon-di-oxide, the emission can be eliminated by using pet bottles in construction. The construction using pet bottles is a part of green building concept hence it will be eco-friendly. The environment is made free from pollution by utilization of discarded bottles. The water tank was constructed and checked for its feasibility. The structural stability was checked by various methods like rebound hammer test, seepage test and ultrasonic pulse velocity test. The ultimate aim of our project is to compare the cost of construction using pet bottles & bricks. Eco-Tec is the brainchild of Andreas Froese , who found his calling in helping the poor homes out of waste materials. We inspired by his idea and as a civil engineer we technically wanted to check the feasibility. To bring his concept into the construction field as an effective solution for material scarcity, we constructed the water tank. The pet bottles were collected from various railway stations, juice shops, etc…According to survey conducted, it has been found that the Indian railway carries 13million passengers. It can be assumed that 25% of passengers consumes cool drinks, mineral waters, etc…, those bottles are thrown away. This will end up with solid wastes, thus increasing the pollution of environment. So as a part of it, we collected pet bottles from railway stations. The collected bottles were cleaned properly. The bottles were then filled with sand or construction wastes and the compaction...
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