Pestle: Petroleum and Gulf Oil Spill

Topics: Petroleum, Iraq War, Natural gas Pages: 4 (929 words) Published: October 25, 2010
The competitiveness of the oil and gas industry
(Table no. 1) PESTLE Analysis: (Ref. 1,2)
| Factors| Oil and Gas industry| Ref No|
Political| * Government intervention/policy * International political disputes * Tax policies * trade restrictions * oil prices * distribution of oil reserves * | * Major oil reserves are in political unstable environment * Argentina and uk dispute over Falklands * Higher average tax rates(53.2%) than other S&P industry companies(32.2%) in USA * New tax threats would result in loss of massive jobs * Opec and global oil and supply demand ,devastating weather ,wars and recessions AFFECTS oil prices * Political disputes b/w USA and IRAN hurting Iranian oil n gas industry * Nigeria reforms * Us-iraq war production declined 3.5m p/bl to 2m p/bl| 34,56 ,7,86 , 791126| Economic| * Economic growth * Interest rates * Exchange rates * Inflation rates| * Icd research survey shows regional growth expectations for 2010 as European 45% , North America 56% , Asia 61% , Rest of the world 63% * Higher oil prices due to Iraq-us war results economy downfall * Main factor in countries economy eg Iraq, * Economic difficulties 2009| 1029,303132| Social| * Health consciousness * Population growth rate * Age distribution * Changes in taste and buying patterns| * Health issues of communities | 28,13| Technological| * R&D activity * Technology incentives * Rate of technological change| * Recent Gulf oil spill and Coast of Dalian oil spill shed light on the importance of equipment upgrading| 2215,16| Environmental| * Global warming * Environmental issues| * Natural gas causing severe impact on marine organisms * Americas addiction to oil is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions that causes global warming * Acclimatise report supported by IBM blame oil and gas industry for not taking the climate...
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