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Critically evaluate the issues Human Resources Managers need to take into consideration when there are changes in external environmental factors . Analyse what HR practices will help organizations gain sustainable competitive advantage. Critically discuss and debate using relevant examples.

Planning is about change and change management is a difficult. Rise and fall of strategic planning indicates organizations find tools to help to navigate organization's ship into the uncertain water of change. Success of a program is difficult to assess, as changing objectives and goals and the results are not simply measurable (Martinez: 1999). The organizations always are attempting to coordinate their resources, feasibilities, tools and capital in certain framework for to achieve organizational goals. In this attempt should be identify the role of each component. The most important component of the organization is human resource and appropriate use of its capabilities and competencies, a certain strategic planning is required that called "strategic human resources planning", and is one of the key discusses of human resource management. Strategic human resource planning, as a matter of fact, is interpretation of goals and future plans of the organization in form of needed type and number of human resource. Today ,the term Human Capital Management is replacing HRM in the belief that it is more strategic approach to people management is needed to facilitate business development and growth,together with increasing employee productivity that is achieved through more effective and efficient HR processes in part enabled by integrated HR Information Technology.Are people really an organisation's most...
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