Pestle Analysis for Children's Market

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  • Published : December 10, 2011
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Children’s Market


Appendix 1.0
Expanded pestle analysis of children’s market
An extensive pestle analysis was conducted to highlight the reasons changes have occurred in children’s market. The key issues that affect the market were recognised through thorough research and are talked about in more details below. Political factors

Increased legislation on marketing to children
Increased emphasis ethics and responsible action in marketing to children •Increased legislations on children’s food consumption
Raise in income tax
Polices on the reduction of population of children (Euromonitor) Economic factors
Higher disposable income
GDP rates
Wage/price control
Smaller families
Increased children influence on parents spending
Pester power of children
Children’s expensive spending culture ( designer brands & ipads) •Reductions in child benefits in some countries e.g. Spain and Greece ( Euromonitor) •Recession
Incentives for household with children e.g. Germany (Mintel) Social factors
Growth in children’s population
Peer pressure
Children growing older younger
Change in family structures
Technological factors
Increased use of the internet by children
Increased use of social websites e.g. Facebook
Use of game websites
Increased use of mobile phones/smart phones
Global growing rate in the use of internet
Environmental factors
Greener world
Ethical and social responsibilities of companies

Legal factors
European union regulations on children’s marketing:
- Product placement not allowed
- Children’s program may have commercials only if program is longer than 30 minutes

In America, NARC (2007)banned advertising food high in salt, sugar, and fat during programs •Children’s online Privacy Protection Act in 1998 passed by congress in USA •“One child per house” government policy in...
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