Pesticides & Organic Farming

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  • Published : April 11, 2010
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Pesticides & Organic Farming
A number of agricultural executives presume that organic farming can increase the world food supply, radically reduce the harm growing foods is causing our environment, and create a healthier standard in which people eat. In recent years, the way in which we live and the studies that have been done on our environment have drastically changed the way in which traditional farming has been done in the past. Organic farming studies have shown that it increases healthy soil, creates a better surrounding in which we as people live, and has drastically reduced the amount of harmful fertilizers, pesticides, and livestock additives that we are putting into the earth and ozone.

There are many problems today which we grow our foods. In the past years, people have really not looked at the amount of damage that they are doing to the soil and the ecosystems in which we live with the traditional ways of farming. Many of the synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and livestock additives in which we use are doing more harm to the soil than one could imagine. It has been proven that the more of these harmful chemicals that are being dumped into the earth are driving down yields on crops, therefore driving the demand for food up and making prices of our everyday foods sore. (Halweil 2). Organic farming is showing up at an opportune time and getting more and

more people hooked every day. Raising our own fruits and vegetables is a much healthier way of getting our food sources than buying from countries overseas. Organic foods have been shown to drive down many different diseases such as diabetes and obesity. (Halweil 3). Because of the scarce use of fertilizers and pesticides the organic food culture has become very popular with vegetarians and health driven people throughout the world. Although organic farming is becoming more and more popular, studies have been done in Europe and the United Sates showing that those organic farms are about...
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