Pesticide: Kill and Radish Extract

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Dulag National High School
Dulag, Leyte

Pesticide From Radish ( Raphanus Sativus ) Extract

A research proposal
Submitted to:
Glendale B. Lamiseria
In partial fulfillment of the
Subject Entitled
Research and Statistics

Julie Glynes P. Lumpas
October , 2012

Rationale of the Study

Radish is an annual herb widely grown for its edible fleshy, hot tasting roots maybe red, white or purple. Radish is a coarse annual crop plant. Roots are fleshy, pungent and variable in size and form. Leaves are roughly hairy, the lower ones lyrate. Flowers are variable, about 1.5 cm long, usually white or lilac, with purple veins sepals erect, lateral ones saccate at the base. (

There are so many pests here in the world. Some people are tired of buying expensive pesticides, so the researcher think of something to lessen this problem, and that’s how the researcher came up to the study, “Pesticide from Radish Extract.” The researcher think of other uses of radish aside from it is edible and the researcher try to use it as pesticide.

The researcher wants to contribute knowledge in maintaining the good health of vegetable plants using a pesticide out of radish extract. It maybe helpful in livelihood by producing good crops. The harvest can be sold to market as an additional income. It can also minimize the number of planters who used chemical which are found distractive to the environment.

It is on the above premise that the researcher decided to on this study in order to help people have an access to an inexpensive alternative pesticide.

Objectives of the Study
This study generally aims to determine the effectiveness of radish extract as pesticide in killing pests.
Specifically, the study aims to answer the following:
a.) What are the components of radish that can kill pests? b.) What is the amount of radish extract needed to kill pests? c.) What is the difference, if any, on...
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