Pestel and Marketing Department in Pepsi

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Political: well PepsiCo cannot interfere in anything that concerns political issues and that’s considered one of the company’s values. •Economical: there is new and more opportunities in many other countries. They are affected by fuel prices.

Have a global economic perspective.
Social: solid waste management program.
Impact on younger people.
Partnership with farmers.
They do many activities, for example: they let the girls of the company to go and help in the packaging of the food bank so they could give to poor people. Another thing is they always give free products to the orphans or anything that concerns orphans. •Technological: the company used to use an old program called Orekel and now they are using SAT,, and by 2015 there wont be any hard documents or data all there work will be on the system. Operates in almost all the countries.

Introductions to cans and plastic bottles.
Newer and attractive designs.
State of the art plants.

Legally: pepsi have a legal department which is in charge of international and domestic laws so they wont just simply break any of the rules.

Marketing Department

First of all,, the marketing g department is classified into the marketing director… underneath the marketing director is a marketing manager in charge of colas,, which means regular Pepsi and diet Pepsi… Football and music is used as advertisement in the cola category.. Another thing is the brand manager and he is in charge of seven up and mirinda,, seven up’s advertisements depends on refreshment while mirinda depends on entertaining young children… MCB is in charge of new initiatives which means when they come up with new ideas to make a new product and distribute it in the market,, and is also in charge of AF which stands for AquaFina. Last but not least is the activation and they are in charge of giving samples to random people in the streets,, malls,, hotels and many other places so they can try their products, get...
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