Pestel Analsis on Rim

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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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PESTEL Analysis on RIM – Research in motion – Blackberry Political
* China, India and UAE have raised concerns over security features of blackberry as it is harder to monitor for government authorities. * EU countries such as UK and Germany have imposed hygiene and safety regulations for the manufacturers e.g. usage of toxic contents, energy usage and recycling. * Backberry came under fire when the London riots took place and they had to suspend their messaging services to stop people spreading information about the riots. Economic

* Within the smart phone industry, demand is fairly elastic. This means that a change in price however small will have a big effect on demand. This is due to consumer income. * Due to the economic downturn (recession) people are less willing to spend their disposable income on expensive luxury goods, so will only pay if the price is right. * As blackberry is a worldwide product it may be that the exchange rates of different countries may affect the profit margin. Social

* Social factors that may affect the demand can include income levels, education and lifestyle. * Cultural aspects can affect seasonal demand for example in USA and UK at Christmas the demand may be higher in November/December. Technological

* This is a very important factor that has a major impact on the industry as a whole and on RIMS products. * The customer base of RIM are constantly demanding new and robust features within the products. * Technological advances have big impacts on RIM for example the introduction of 3G technology. * There is ever increasing competition for this market for software offerings for example Apple. Environmental

* This is another very important factor for such an industry as RIM’s. * There are various environmental factors that RIM manufactures have to follow. * Some of these include RIM making fairly eco-friendly product and any mishap could tarnish the RIM brand and have a...
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