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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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The pestel framework:
The PESTEL framework categorises environmental influences into six main types: political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal. Why you are using it:
Thus it provides a clear list of influences on the possible success or failure of particular strategies apple uses or will use. Analyse how the pestel factors that may affect company:
Political factors look at government policies, taxation changes, foreign trade regulations, political risk in foreign markets and changes in trade blocks (EU). In this case Apple…(article or) Economic factors look at business cycle and GDP trends, interest rates , unemployment rates, disposable income and exchange rates. In this case Apple.. (article or ) Socio cultural factors look at population changes, lifestyle changes, changes in tastes and fashion and culture. In this case Apple…(article or) Technological factors look at new discoveries and technology developments, ICT innovations, Rates of obsolescence and Increased spending on R&D. in this case Apple..(article or) iTunes 11 remains much the same as it has always been - bar some radical new design and front-end improvements. The visual redesign is obvious, with music selection laid out in a more logical manner. One of the few new features to be implemented in the update is the inclusion of the Miniplayer which, instead of being a mode within the application, appears in a completely new window. Another simple, yet helpful, addition is the inclusion of buttons which allow users to switch between the iTunes store and back to the library. However, Apple has made some good technological developments especially with their current Iphone5. It is half an inch bigger (4-inches), lighter (112g) and has a more powerful A6 chip than the previous. Siri (voice control software) has been updated so users can ask it to recommend films and restaurants and update their Facebook accounts verbally. The 4G network offers speeds up to...
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