Pestal Analysis of Safaricom Ltd

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Company Background
Safaricom Limited is Kenya's current leading Mobile Telephone Operator. It prides itself in providing world class GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) service to over 16 million subscribers in Kenya. The company was formed in 1997 as a fully owned subsidiary of Telkom Kenya. In May 2000, Vodafone group Plc, the world’s largest Telecommunication company acquired a 40% stake and management responsibility for the company. Safaricom's aim is to remain the leading Mobile Network Operator in Kenya and has the ambition to become the best company in Africa. In order to achieve this, a strong focus has been placed on quality of service to its customers. Safaricom is and will continue implementing best practices based on Vodafone's vast international experience and Telkom Kenya's unique knowledge of the Kenyan market conditions. In the modern world of globalization, Safaricom has been able to keep pace with the global mobile telecommunication scenario by having strategic business associations; associations which add value to the global mobile telecommunication initiative and which help in meeting the dynamic challenges of the modern mobile telecommunication world. Its strategic association with the world leaders in mobile telephony has created a niche in the Kenyan market today. Vision

To be the best company in Africa– enriching customer’s lives, helping individuals, businesses and communities be more connected in a mobile world. This has been achieved in some quarters since Safaricom received an award of being the Telecoms Company in Africa at the third edition of the African Business Awards. It is to achieve being the best company in Africa in all the areas. Passions

These values are about the way things are done at Safaricom & the principles that drive us. The passions describe the four foundation stones of the business. Passion for its People: It is Safaricom people who create, sustain and maintain the winning team. It has the right people at all levels, the right culture and the right values to drive it. Building and communicating a vision and guiding principles that we can all identify with is what this passion is all about Passion for its Customers: It leads in making the mobile the primary means of personal communications for every individual in Kenya. It believes that its services can make a real difference to its customers. By making it easier for them to communicate with the communities that are important to them and by presenting its services in a way that is tailored to them enriches their lives. Passion for the world around: The highest standards of service and of environmental, social and ethical behavior are integral to its business. This is just as important to Safaricom as other critical activities such as product development and technology selection in building sustained business success. Passion for Results: Everyone knows what results are expected for each of its individual tasks. Whether these are defined as customer satisfaction, market share, financial profit share return, or any other relevant indicator, delivering is what matters the most. It defines success as results, not effort. The outcome for all Safaricom people is greater job satisfaction, reward and opportunities. Ultimately, the best reward the vision and values program offers is the chance for all Safaricom staff to be part and know their part in Safaricom’s continuing success story

Products and Services
With its fast growing subscriber base (standing at over 16 million), it now has over 3000 employees so as to keep up with this fast growing industry. Safaricom has also opened a number of Customer Care shops countrywide. It also has a countrywide dealer network to handle distribution and selling of Safaricom services and products. Product & service appreciation is made effective through a unique understanding of the customer and how they...
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