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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Again, this is a first sort--just an overview that will further analysis. The United Kingdom is 23rd in world population, with about 61 million people. It is 6th in GDP, with about $2.9 trillion. And it is 4th in military expenditure, with about $61 billion per year. (Statistics as usual compiled from Politically, it seems as if the string has run out on Labour, and the Conservatives will in all probability take over in late spring of 2010. David Cameron, a pleasant man who sadly just lost a son, will inherit a mess. In the same way that current Prime Minister Gordon Brown has tried to micro-manage his government, his government has been trying to micro-manage the United Kingdom. There are local councils in England that put microchips on people's garbage bins to k check if they are throwing out the right stuff. Scotland's National Party's long term plans to split off from the UK are on indefinite hold due to the economic downturn. Economically, the UK had too many eggs in one basket--too much of their economy is based on complex financial services--read U.S. sub-prime mortgages... and they are taking a worse hit to their economy than most developed countries. The recession will bit deeper and last longer here than in most countries. Socially, this class-conscious society will carry on, with too big of an underclass being supported by too small of a middle class. One tends to think it will boil over at some point, but the stolidiy and placidity of England seems never ending. Immigration has subsided as the issue, replaced by the recession and its effects on home prices. The NHS, the state-supported healthcare system, has improved dramatically, although it could still get a lot better, and people know it. Technologically, the UK is still a hotbed of innovation and still resolutely unable to exploit it. Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) still are 2 of the top 10 universities , and the Russell Group of universities rival the Ivy League in America. The UK government...
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