Pest Analysis of Ppg Industries

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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|criteria examples |Political |Economical |criteria examples | | |Antitrust law (Avoid communications with |Businesses are affected nationally and | | |ecological/environmental |PPG competitors to the extent possible) |globally |home economy | |current legislation |PPG is committed |Affect consumer confidence and behavior |economy trends | |future legislation |to fair and open competition in markets |Impact upon the nature of the competition |overseas economies | |international legislation |throughout the world |faced by the business. |general taxation | |regulatory bodies and |Anti-corruption(PPG prohibits bribery and |Affect the purchasing power of potential |taxation specific to | |processes |corruption in all of its business dealings |customers. |product/services | |government policies |in every country) PPG’s Gifts Policy and | |seasonality issues | |government term and change |Meals, Entertainment and Travel Policy |Economic growth |market/trade cycles | |trading policies | |• Interest rates(Afford the shareholders a |specific industry factors | |funding, grants and | |superior return on investment) |market routes trends | |initiatives | |• Inflation rate |distribution trends | |home market pressure- groups |...
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