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Topics: Super Size Me, McDonald's, Eating Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Life Style

With diet becoming a major part of people’s life styles in 2010, McDonald’s has had to introduce new items to the menu, to continue to offer something for all age groups, and everyone.

McDonalds recognises customers are not all the same.

• A parent with two children visits McDonald’s to give the parent a treat. • The children want to visit as it’s a fun place to eat. • A business customer visits McDonald’s during the working day, as the service is quick, the food tastes good, and it can be eaten in the car, without affecting a busy work schedule. • Teenagers visit McDonalds, the pound saver menu is affordable, and most restaurants now offer free wifi.

Another way in which McDonald’s has adapted to lifestyle, is the convenience of the 24 hour stores, 80% of UK restaurants now operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The recent refurbishment of over 600 UK restaurants, also appeals to all age Groups.

Consumer Attitudes & Opinions

McDonalds launched the “make up you own mind” website in 2006, since the launch date, they have received 22,459 questions, all regarding the food, business, people and practices within the company.

Quality scouts were also introduced, this gave members of the public the chance to voice there own opinions and compile a report on different McDonalds procedures. Example – a member of the public “Kym Norman” was concerned about the living conditions, diet and general well being of the animals. Kym was given the opportunity to visit a farm (McDonald’s supplier) in County Durham, Kym posted his report and findings on the “make up your own mind website and was pleasantly surprised.

Media Views

McDonald’s is constantly in the media eye.

As a brand leader, and a leader of its market, McDonald’s is often at the forefront of bad press regardless of whether or not it is their fault.

An example being the “Super Size me” film released in 2004, the documentary film starring Morgan spur lock,...
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