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Topics: Department store, Debenhams, Human resource management Pages: 4 (1859 words) Published: May 17, 2013
INTRODUCTIONDebenhams is a public quoted company in the United Kingdom specializing in the manufacture and sale of Cloth wear, house wears, cosmetics and toilettes. Started in 1813, the company has grown from a small enterprise into a multi-national corporation. The growth has been necessitated through business ventures mainly acquisitions. [1]The company has throughout in its lifetime been acquiring smaller cloth and cosmetics manufacturing companies the first one being Marshall  & Snelgrove in 1919. Debenhams manufactures cloth wear both for domestic use and also for export purposes. Much of their products are exported in the European, Asian and African nations including the US market[2]. The target group of Debenhams includes children, who buy children’s wear, women (women’s wear) and men (Men’s wear). Other target groups are: cosmetic shops; large super-markets and other processing companies. The products range from wedding dresses to school uniforms. Its policy is to analyse and identify what customer specifications are and design the cloths accordingly. Technologically, the company has re-shaped its manufacturing methodologies that have produced the latest fashions [3]of clothes in the market. These have attracted a large number of customers. The following table can help illustrate how the demand for cloth wear for different categories of its target groups has been trending for the last four years.The demand is in terms of the revenue realized from the sale of clothes and cosmetics. GROUP| 2003£| 2004£| 2005£| 2006£|  | Children| 649440| 752386| 798467| 863258|  |

Women| 859035| 874903| 904567| 943567|  |
Men| 534786| 587325| 604879| 698346|  |
Cosmetics| 587024| 645828| 644098| 703378|  |
 Debenhams employs the e-business technology [4]to strategically advertise its products. It also uses e-business to identify any emerging trends in customer demands as well as studying the activities of rival companies. Stiff...
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