Pesantren Kilat for Teenagers

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Pesantren Kilat for Teenagers

By | May 2011
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Pesantren Kilat is an Extracurricular activity for Muslim Students. It helps the teenagers to increase spiritual understanding about the religion. The activity including Shalat Jama’ah, reading qur’an and other spiritual lectures.

Pesantren Kilat Increase The Understanding about Islam. Pesantren Kilat activity such as Khotbah and other spiritual lectures can increase the knowledge about the religion. It tells us how to live and treat others according Islam’s ways. Teenagers could ask about something that unclear or even discuss about their problem personnaly. The teenagers could share their knowledge and their own personal opinion in the forum. The forum is lead by a senior that already has experience. The Khotbah or Forum could happen for about 3 to 4 hours. The teenagers could learn everything from the activity including the lessons that the teenagers could not learn from the University, reduces the misunderstanding about the religion, and the most important is the teenagers could know Islam better. The teenagers could learn, share, and discuss Islam in an informal environment that brings positive effect for the learning process.

Pesantren Kilat teach the teenagers how to do Shalat in The Proper way. Shalat is the main way to pray for God in Islam. Muslims do Shalat Wajib 5 times a day, and do Shalat Jum’at at Friday. Shalat Wajib Including Subuh, Zuhur, Ashar, Magrib and Isya. Even it’s only spend about 5 minutes to do Shalat, but most of the teenagers do not do all the Shalat Wajib for The Day.It could happen because lack of understanding of the important of Shalat or The teenagers do not know how to Shalat in The Proper way. Before do Shalat, Muslims have to clean the body by do Wudhu. Wudhu is an activity to clean the body by washing some certain parts of the body, but before Wudhu, Muslims have to read the Niat Wudhu which is a pray for the Wudhu. After Wudhu, Muslims Could do Shalat in The Proper way, It could be 2, 3 or 4 Rakaat for a Shalat. Rakaat...

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