Pervasive Computing

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Introduction······························································································02 What is Pervasive computing·········································································02 Difference of Traditional Networking and Pervasive Computing·······························02 Advantages of Pervasive Computing································································03 Challenges of Pervasive Computing·································································03 References·······························································································04


We, as human full of responsibilities in life are always looking forward to what technology has to offer. Like how it will help our way of living to be easier than ever. And that is one of the reasons why we try innovating today’s technology in order to make a better future in the coming years. Well, Pervasive computing proposes this kind of living though it will be so hard to reach but not impossible if we attempt to get to it.

What is pervasive computing?
It is the third generation of computing that plans to increase people's efficiency and at the same time to simplify their everyday tasks at work and also, at home whenever they want and wherever they may be. It is the increasing trend on the way to setting in microprocessors in everyday matter such as refrigerator and television so that they can communicate information.  

Difference of Traditional networking and Pervasive computing Now that we are improving and moving with better technologies in hand, instead of using the network to connect those computers that are being used directly by people, “Smart products” of Pervasive Computing will communicate over networks in such a way that...
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