Peru Culture

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Sergio Padilla
Xochiquetzal Candelaria
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Tuesday, March 5th 2013
Peruvian History
Going to a trip to Peru is an experience that neither a human being, nor extraterrestrial would forget. Having many dishes of food that would not only shock an individual but also make them have the need to taste it all over again is probably the number one reason to go visit. Spanish not being the only language there and the daily life being a little different than many other countries, Peru is a country with its own culture that makes it interesting to do research. All of this research could influence an individual to write about the different topics of Peru and realize what importance they have. Not only are these topics interesting and informative, but also have a great significance on the culture that makes a difference. The reason why they are this important is because Peru is starting to progress and many people need to know their geography like their own body. Since Peru is progressing, the economy is getting better, which means the business is increasing, therefore more individuals are on the verge of making their own business. Peruvian culture is growing due to factors of the past and present to make the future a better place.

Peru is home to the most delicious foods that can tingle an individual’s taste buds from back to front; it is very addicting, so should be extreme cautious. Ceviche is a seafood salad that surprisingly was served in a totally different way; sweet chunks of banana perfectly complementing the raw fish marinated with lime juice, onions, coriander and Peruvian yellow chillies. This is how Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of Lima’s leading chefs, made his ceviche in a new Amazonian restaurant. “The banana replaces the sweet potato commonly served with ceviche to soak up the tangy juices,” says Simeon Tegel, who wrote an article on Peruvian cuisine about Schiaffino. Schiaffino is one of a generation of chefs who left to train outside of...
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