Pertinent Portfolio for Field Study

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Pertinent portfolio
Junje gimongala
Field study 1

1st Semester

Name: Junje Gimongala
Age: 18 years old
Address: Tugbongan, Consolacion, Cebu
Sex: Male
Citizenship: Filipino
Civil Status: Single
Religion: United Pentecostal Church
Father: Gorgonio Gimongala
Mother: Jenilin Gimongala
I believe that education is for all, and it is the responsibility of the teacher to cater these needs. A teacher should have patient and compassion towards his pupils and not become too harsh in handling his/her pupils. EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT

Tertiary: Consolacion Community CollegePresent
Laray, Consolacion, Cebu

Secondary: Tugbongan National High School2010
Tugbongan, Consolacion, Cebu

Primary: Lunas II Elementary School2006
Lunas, Asturias, Cebu
Mr. Randy Muñasque
Church Pastor
Consolacion, Cebu

Ms. Rosemary Cuizon
TNHS English Teacher
Tugbongan, Consolacion, Cebu

Mr. Roy B. Garbo
TNHS Physics Teacher
Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu


We are assigned to observe the Tugbongan Elementary School, and because of those observations we get some ideas from the class that we had observed. And because of those experiences, our minds are already enlightened on what kind of profession we are soon to face.

The reason why I make this portfolio is because I want others to know on what the real scenario in elementary school. I want others to know on how difficult the job of the elementary teacher. Others say that the teacher are just a repeater, it is the simplest job of the world that even those person who are not licensed are capable to teach. And I believed so. That’s why when I’m inside the room, observing how the teacher managed her pupils, on how she hold her patients towards her pupils I feel pity to the teacher because she is eager to impart the learning that she have, but sad to say her pupils are listening to her, others are quarrelling, others are eating, it seems that the teachers effort are useless. I meditate to that scenario, on what if, I experience this kind scenario too, I ask to myself if I can hold my temper as what the teacher did, or I will not come back. That’s why I’m very thankful that we have this kind of curriculum which is field study 1, which gives us full opportunity to observe in elementary school. Without this curriculum, we will left hanging.

So, now we already understood our profession, and now we’re ready to face another chapter of our life. And I hope that others will also know the value of our teachers, on how big is their sacrifices towards us, students.


The school is very accessible, the community is very peaceful, they have their own guard and helper. The rooms are well painted and well decorated. The pupils are properly aligned during flag ceremony, and they have lots of plants inside and outside the rooms. The teachers are in uniform also, the teachers arrived early in the morning. Almost all of the rooms have their comfort room, their chairs are properly arranged, and the pupils are in complete uniform. They do have a cafeteria and Home Economics room but they don’t have a library, reading center, medical clinic, counseling room, laboratory and audio visual room or media center.

Even if they are lack of some facilities, still I can say that the quality of their education is there, because pupils are very active in participating in the discussion, and they are able to answer the questions of their teacher, though some did not, but only few of them and besides teacher is able to re-teach them in their most convenient time.

The teachers are very hospitable, though the principal are not, but still we are very thankful that the principal allow us to observe in the school. During our meeting with the principal, the principal is asking an in-return or...
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