Persuassive Speech on Chewing Gum

Topics: Xylitol, Sugar substitute, Chewing gum Pages: 3 (1312 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Topic:Quit Chewing Gum
Persuasive Intent:To persuade the audience to quit gum.
Specific Purpose:The audience will be convinced that quitting chewing gum will be the key to improve oral health, save significant amount of money and reduce environmental hazard. Central Idea:Chewing gum could give you a soothing feeling but it is nothing compare to the feeling you will get after quitting it because quitting gum could greatly improves your oral health and save you a great amount of money. Structure:Problem-Solution

Development:Statistics, Visual Aids and Examples.

I. Get Attention. Would you quit chewing gum if it is an environmental hazard? Would you quit gum if it is a cause of weight gain? Would you quit gum if it causes damage to your teeth? Would you stop buying gum if you have to pay a hefty price? II. Establish Credibility. I am currently a medical student and concentrating to become a Registered Nurse. I am also a part-timer at CPMC and UCSF. I interviewed some of the people I know who have had bad experience with gums in the past. I also have done an extensive research on this speech topic and have some personal experience to share with you about why it is very important to quit gum. III. Reveal Topic. Today I will try to persuade you that quitting chewing gum will help you find a way to a cleaner, healthier and richer life. IV. Give a reason to listen. Quitting chewing gum will help maintain your oral health, environment and keep you away from gaining weight. Besides, it will also save you a great amount of money. V. Preview main Points. I will first discuss about the negative aspects of chewing gums in various sections. I will then discuss about how quitting chewing gum will help you find a way to a healthier, cleaner and richer life.

I.You should quit gum because it poses an environmental threat and it is bad for your teeth. It can cost you even more than a used 1999 Toyota.
A. Chewing gum is one of...
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