Persuassive Essay Against the Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Murder Pages: 4 (1188 words) Published: June 4, 2008
Stop The Madness: Killing does not solve Killing

The sentence of capital punishment is an expensive barbaric alternative for punishing a criminal. Where does the hostility and ignorance stop once it begins? Murder is unaccepted by society, yet people seem to pacify themselves by killing criminals. Is that not considered to be murder? Sentencing a criminal to death does not solve the questions and problems that are left behind. Parents will still cry for a child that is never coming home. Mourning families will still carry a never-ending heartache, and the criminal no longer has to pay for the consequences of their actions. The only people left to pay are taxpayers. According to The International Debate Education Association (IDEA), “Capital punishment costs more than life without parole.” Studies in the US show that capital cases, from arrest to execution, cost between one million and seven million dollars because of a never-ending succession of appeals. A case resulting in imprisonment costs around $500,000 (IDEA). Does an offender even think about the final outcome of their sentence before they commit a crime? Do aggressive criminals stop to think of their own fate while they choose the fate of somebody else? Before execution was legalized, many states felt that having the death penalty would lower violent crime rates. Unfortunately that is not the case. According to IDEA, “Higher execution rates can actually increase violent crime rates. California averaged six executions a year from 1952 to 1967, and had twice the murder rate than the period from 1968 until 1991 when there were no executions.” Obviously criminals do not take their punishment into consideration before they act out in violence. An unlawful person that commits brutal crimes, such as murder, should not be considered for rehabilitation. These offenders are mentally unstable and should be treated accordingly. What a nightmare for victims who must live with the fear that vicious criminals...
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