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Topics: Homosexuality, Marriage, Same-sex marriage Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: October 20, 2010

I strongly believe that gay marriage should be legalised in Australia. This country is a democratic, meaning that the people have the right to vote for whatever we believe is right. Although gay marriage is not a usual tradition, homosexuals should have the freedom to commit themselves to whoever they wish to be with for their entire life.

Allowing heterosexual marriages in Australia would cause less conflict in our communities. If we legalise gay marriages the society would be easier to live in, making our society more sustainable and trouble-free. Most immigrants believe that if they migrate here they could do the things they could never do back in their country. Gay couples were always thought as outsiders. They had no right to marry their love ones. We, gay people are exactly like everyone else. We are human. We have freedom. So why can’t we be like everyone else instead of outsiders that don’t belong? Because the government just don’t understand what life as a homosexual is, and they are being too judgmental.

As commitment to your wedding, we are all given the last name of your partners. For heterosexual marriages we use the last name of our partners into our surnames. What’s so wrong about changing our last name? It’s not like we did anything bad. It’s like saying that in an average wedding, the female is not permitted to use her husband’s last name. How ridiculous! It is part of the tradition to apply your partner’s surname into yours. I don’t see how this is inappropriate. Obviously the government believes this is wrong so that we heterosexuals cannot get engaged. But that’s not going to happen. We homosexuals will stand up for our rights.

Gay people should have the equal rights as an average person does. Just because we are different from other people, it doesn’t mean we aren’t normal. We eat, drink and do just about everything an average person does, except of course, our perception of interests in sexuality. As part of a...
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