Persuasive Writing: Bio Chip Technology

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Persuasive Writing Final Draft: Biochip Technology
Tia Estes G00076743

This paper focuses on the controversial subject of the human biochip through science and technology. I do not discuss the ‘Mark of the Beast’ aspect or any religious side to the topic. Some of the biochip’s first uses are explored before a possible future scenario is played out; a few points of concern are addressed and then you are introduced to Professor Kevin Warwick. I then explain how the biochip is in use today mainly as an identification device and what some possible future uses may be, such as a source of information. The paper concludes with a comparison of peoples’ feelings concerning new technology through time.

Keywords: biochip, Professor Kevin Warwick

A great many things are considered controversial: the death penalty, animal testing, adoption, abortion, genetic engineering, and cloning are only a few of the many subjects out there that people argue about. The biochip is an ever growing controversy that is taking many scientific and technological leaps. Though the biochip has proven beneficial in helping scientists monitor protein levels and root out cancerous cells in the human body, it has a different facet I will currently be focusing on; as an identification and a potential information device.

The first use for the biochip was monitoring fisheries in the early 1980's; it quickly moved to tagging pets, luggage, and monitoring mailed packages. Some chips are already in use in children's backpacks and are a feature on some cellular phones, which enables parents to know where their child is at any given point in time. But the real controversy on this topic comes in with people's concern about Big Brother. There are many misconceptions made about the biochip; some people may think that if they have one they can be found anywhere on the globe by satellite, everything about them can be found out in seconds, and that they will be...
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