Persuasive Writing Assignment

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, McDonald's Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: May 14, 2012
Persuasive Writing Assignment

Close your eyes and think about the school lunches you’ve had through the years. The nasty, runny, cheese on your nachos; the over cooked pizza, fries, and hamburgers... Now think about how it would feel to waltz into lunch knowing you could have Taco Bell, Mc Donald’s, or Pizza Hut everyday. It sounds pretty fantastic, right? Wrong. Children, and quite a few adults, sadly don’t realize what fast food can do to your body. The easy availability of fast food in school lunch rooms would cause a large increase in childhood obesity.

In America, almost 32% of kids are obese, and 17% are likely to become obese. That’s 50% of overweight children- way too many. In 2004, a documentary was made called Super Size Me. It revolved around the Director, Morgan Spurlock, who went on a 30- Day fast food challenge. He was only able to eat food from Mc Donald’s- every meal- and if he was asked by a clerk to “Super Size” the meal, he had to agree to it. In just one month, a healthy man had gained 25 lbs, and it took him 14 months to lose it.

Think about this, Morgan went one month eating fast food and gained 25 lbs. Imagine how much you could possibly weigh if you ate fast food in school. Kids go to school 180 days a year, or 32 weeks. That’s 8 months of the year. A child could gain anywhere from 25- 100 lbs from eating a fast food breakfast and lunch, increasing childhood obesity rate by 100%.

Andrew Murray, a lecturer in physiology at Cambridge University in Britain, began a study in 2009, where he tested 32 rats on low fat rat food. The rats were supposed to go through a maze and be able to reach each of their 8 treats without doubling back to find the next treat- causing them to use their memory. All of the rats on average got to the 7th treat without doubling back. Then he split the rats up, continuing to feed 16 of the rats low fat food and changing the other 16 to high fat rat food. The rats on the low fat food...
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