Persuasive Tacticts

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  • Published : December 5, 2011
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Persuasive Tactics
Thesis: The Carl’s Jr. commercial uses three different propaganda techniques to promote a cranberry, apple, walnut, chicken salad.

Topic Sentence: First of all, Carl’s Jr. uses glittering generalities to market salads.

Topic Sentence: In addition, the advertisement uses the transfer method to lure consumers into purchasing their food.

Topic Sentence: Most importantly, the testimonial tactic in the Carl’s Jr. commercial entices viewers with a well known person.

Conclusion: In short, The Carl’s Jr. commercial uses propaganda mechanisms such as glittering generalities, transfer, and testimonial to persuade an audience.

Persuasive Tactics
What is propaganda? Propaganda is information that can be misleading or one-sided to promote consumer goods; propaganda can persuade a person’s decision or attitude about a subject or product. An individual can view propaganda on billboards while driving, hear propaganda through radio; a person can see on the internet, and on television commercials. On television commercials, propagandist use clever techniques to spread their advertisements. For example, the Carl’s Jr. commercial uses three different propaganda mechanisms to promote its cranberry, apple walnut, chicken salad. First of all, Carl’s Jr. uses glittering generalities to market salads. The glittering generalities method are appealing ideas or words that intrigue the viewer; therefore, stimulating a positive emotional response from the audience. Once the viewer has associated the glittering generalities to his beliefs and values, he is now convinced to consume certain product. To begin with, the Carl’s Jr. commercial , starts with a phrase of neat freak. Then, as the commercial advances the first spokesperson surrounds the chicken salad with lavish words such as clean, crisp, and tasty. Next, towards the end of the commercial, the second announcer uses the phrase “who said a salad can’t be hot.” Finally, at the end of the commercial,...
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