Persuasive Speech Outline

Topics: Foie gras, Animal welfare, Force-feeding Pages: 4 (1286 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to donate $5 to Compassion in World Farming’s campaigns in order to save the birds from force-feeding.

Central Idea: The procedure of overfeeding geese and ducks to fatten up their livers for foie fras is cruel, but this issue can be reduced through the legislation on goose liver sales and donation.

Pattern of Organization: Problem-Solution

I. Attention: Imagine this, you are sitting on the ground, you cannot walk because of the abuse that you have endured by your captors. Two men come into your room. One is carrying a long, inflexible pipe which the proceeds to shove down your throat while the other man pumps food into it. Your neck is lacerated because of this rough treatment and some of your internal organs have ruptured because of the intense pressure. The day of your execution can not come soon enough for you because your will finally be out of your misery. Are you a prisoner of war? Are your captors terrorists? No, you are a duck that will soon be served in a high class restaurant in New York. Foie Gras will be your title on the menu. Until then your title will tortured prisoner. This cruel procedure that I mentioned above is called force-feeding. II. Reveal topic: The controversial production of foie gras involves force-feeding birds more food than they would eat in the wild, and much more than they would voluntarily eat domestically. The feed, usually corn boiled with fat, deposits large amounts of fat in the liver, thereby producing the consistency sought by the consumers. III. Relate to the Audience: As we know, the goose liver is a luxury French dish; also, we may found goose liver as an ingredient in many food productions. Although, it is very delicious, when we think about the cruel and inhumanity treatment the birds receive, we may think about the dish in front of us. While we are thinking and taking some actions toward this issue, we can save millions of wild lives. IV....
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