Persuasive Speech Outline

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Persuasive Speech Outline
I. ADG- It is not a myth why people call fast food disgusting. On a Friday night during my graveyard shift at McDonald’s a drunken customer passed by the Drive-Thru around 2:30a.m.While my coworker was taking his order the customer decided to cuss and call her really offensive names because she couldn’t get his order right. She got mad and decided to spit in the customers Sweet Tea, she was immediately fired when another coworker told the manager. Since I started working at McDonald’s 3 years ago and actually noticed how nasty it really is, I don’t eat at fast food restaurants nearly as often as before. Audience Relevance- According to Health Magazine of March, 2011 Americans spent $165 billion on fast food in 2010. Besides the grossness of eating fast food, I want to give you guys great reasons why we should all cut down on consuming it. Thesis- Today I want to inform everyone here about what fast foods can do to our lives and society as a whole if we don’t stop consuming it in a mass quantity like we currently are. First of all I’ll talk about a few of the many problems fast food brings. Secondly, why we as Americans consume so much fast food and why it has become part of our lifestyle and diet and how it affects our environment. And lastly I will offer a couple reasonable solutions that can help us out with some of the problems caused by fast foods. Link- I am sure once everyone knows all the problems fast food brings everyone will at least think twice before they go eat at a fast food restaurant again. II. The way things are right now is bad because of fast food. A. The health risks from eating too much fast foods are really damaging. 1. Obesity and Type 2 diabetes- A fast food item sometimes has as much calories that can cover the amount of calories you need for a day. 2. Stroke and Cardiovascular disease- Trans-fat, hydrogenated fat, and sugars from fast food clog up the arteries increasing the...
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