Persuasive Speech Outline

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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I. (Attention Getter) Opening with a question. How many of you believe brand name drugs are better than generic drugs? II. (Reveal Your Topic) Today, I want to talk about generic drugs versus brand name drugs. III. (Establish Credibility) I have been with CVS for four years. I am a nationally certified pharmacy technician (also known as a CPhT). I work alongside many pharmacists and come across many drugs. I have to call doctors every day to change a person’s medication. IV. (Preview) Today, I want to talk about generic drugs. I want to talk why they are equal to brand name drugs, why they are cheaper than brand name drugs, the different inactive ingredients in both generic and brand name drugs. I want to basically persuade all of you that it is more than okay to take generic drugs, whether they be prescription or over the counter. TRANSITION: So, first off, I would like by showing the difference between brand name and generic drugs. BODY

I. (First Main Point – main points are full sentences) Generic drugs have the same active ingredient as the brand name drug. A. Generic drugs are copies of brand-name drugs
1. Have exactly the same dosage
2. Have the same intended use
3. Have the same effects and side effects
4. Have the same route of administration
5. Have the same risks and safety issues
6. Have same strength as the original drug
B. Differences between brand name and generic drugs.
7. They have different sizes (could be smaller and easier to take) 8. They have different shapes (could be a more agreeable shape) 9. They have different colors
10. They have different flavors (could taste better) 11. They might have different inactive ingredients
C. Basically, generic drugs are the exact same as brand name drugs. They are perfectly safe to take. TRANSITION: Now, we know some of the...
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