Persuasive Speech on Distractive Behavior

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  • Published : May 12, 2011
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Title: Distractive Behavior

Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that distractive behavior while driving a car, which would include eating and taking on a cell phone, is dangerous and we need to learn to stop these activities.


A.Attention-Getter: Automobiles have become the backbone of America, using them daily to transport us to and from point A to point B efficiently. B.Establishment of Ethos: I am certain that all of us have driven a car and on more than a few times while driving, you’ve eaten food, talked on cell phones and participated in what I call “Distractive Behavior.” C.Preview of Main Points: My purpose is to show the dangers of participating in “Distractive Behaviors,” by giving examples and statistics and to hopefully get fellow drivers to reduce or cease these actions that put others in harms way.


A.In today’s modern world, our lives are on a constant move and we have begun to use this time to do basic human needs such as applying makeup, eating and communicating. (Mcleod, Annette)

1.More than 20% of all automobile crashes are caused by driver distraction. (Mcleod, Annette) 2.Cell phones are not all to blame.

B.The need for change, when it comes to Distractive Behavior is non- Deniable, as it will only get worst as technology progresses. (Mcleod, Annette)


A.While there are no clear-cut ways to rid the road of these dangerous behaviors, there are methods to deterring someone from participating in them.

1.In Columbus, GA, the local army base (Fort Benning) has banned the use of mobile phones while driving on post. 2.Stiff fines and penalty points towards the driver’s license would also be an incentive to hang up and drive. (Webster, Ben)

B.Although it is impossible to completely kill some of these habits, like applying makeup and eating because it would be up to the driver to make the safer choice.


A.Try to visualize a road...
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